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Buyer’s Guideline

We want to help you make an exciting journey, such as buying a home to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible:

  • We live and breathe real estate, and are very enthusiastic and professional when it comes to being Real Estate agents.
  • We have the most advanced technology and modern tools when it comes to marketing.
  • Honesty and constant communication are one of our top goals
  • We strive in keeping our clients happy by being able to have their best interests in mind and working around the clock to find the most qualified homes for them.
  • We don’t back down from a fight! We work hard to find our clients their dream home.

STEP 1: Why you want to buy a home

First step for us to understand why our clients see the need to buy a home, what are the features they want to have in their home and what kind of a property they are looking for.

STEP 2: Choosing an Agent

When choosing a Real Estate Agent, you must choose one that you can truly rely on and trust. Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of your life, so make sure the agent you are going to choose is a professional whom has your best interest in mind and is going to help you throughout all the steps of buying a home. Make sure you have done enough research and have chosen an agent with great experience and references.

STEP 3: Get Pre-approved For A Mortgage

Right off the bat you should start the process of getting pre-approved for your mortgage. This will give you a better understanding of what you can afford and the price range of home you should be looking for, also limiting the potential negative surprises that you might encounter along the way.

STEP 4: Considering Your Home Options

It is important to shorten the list of options when it comes to researching for your home. First is knowing the location of your home and then considering the type of homes and the price range. Your ultimate guide through this process will be your Real Estate Agent, who will be assisting you in this process and finding an ideal home that meets your needs and wants.

STEP 5: Viewing Properties

This is the most exciting step, to start viewing properties and potentially learning about the homes you have chosen. Your REALTOR® will be guiding you through booking showings and appointments with different seller and agents. Your realtor will also be able to use their knowledge and networking skills on showing you properties that have yet hit the market but are potentially homes that could be desirable for your needs and wants.

STEP 6: Time To Negotiate

Preparing an offer can be both exciting and challenging, but that is why you have your knowledgeable Real Estate Agent by your side. The Contract of Purchase and Sale is a legally binding document once accepted by a Seller, so make sure that every detail of the document is explained and filled out properly by your agent. Once the offer is submitted it can be accepted, countered or rejected by the Seller, and your agent is there throughout every step of it to negotiate the best deal for you.

STEP 7: Subject Removal

The sale of a home is usually dependent on fulfilling certain conditions before it is closed. Some of the common conditions are satisfactory inspection of the home, approval of a mortgage, and sale of the Buyer’s home.


To complete the sale of a property the buyer will meet with a lawyer, once their offer has been accepted and subjects have been removed, and finalize all the legal documents needed to close on the deal. Once these steps are done, your Real Estate Agent will hand in the keys to your new home and you are set on starting your new journey as a homeowner.

STEP 9: Congratulations ! You are a homeowner

Once you have received the keys, you are now a home owner. No matter the purpose of the purchase this is a very exciting time. Make sure to ask your agent any questions you have regarding your home, referrals for movers or any other contractors, as they are your best guides.

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